Impossibility Dose Not Exist

Information is power, when used well it converts to money, a story was told about a British prime minister who really needs to travel back to England to meet the queen because he was summoned by the queen to return to England for an urgent meeting.

On that faithful morning when he is set to travel by water, his ship which has been serviced the previous day and certified very ok refused to start.

By the side of the seashore, there is one old boat repairer who has been there for many years repairing boats,he walked towards the boat and told the minister that he can fix the boat at $10,000 price. The minister looked at the boat repairer looking so old and said no that he wants a professional who is educationally certified for boat fixing so the man left.

The prime minister contacts a boat repairer company the first company he contacts billed him $50,000. they sent their professional to the boat, after spending several hours struggling to find the boat fault so they can fix it, they could not, they contacted another boat repairer, and he was billed him $ 70,000, which he was willing to pay as he must depart to England to see the queen with the boat. Yet this company could not fix the boat. he called several other companies, they gave their won prices, yet they couldn’t fix the boat, the minister began to lose his patients.

As the frustration grew, and he was furious at the university graduates who could not fix his boat. As he sat down on a rock thinking, how could he miss the queen’s invitation, as he raised up his head, he saw the old boat repairer, who first approached him that he can fix the boat, he sluggishly beckoned on him to come and fix the boat?

As the boat repairer came close with his hammer and spanners, the minister asked, are these all the tools you have to fix a boat which companies has used all sorts of devices and couldn’t fix? The old man did not reply a word.

He was directed to the engine of the boat, he used his hammer and hit one or two places on the engine, and came out. He said to the prime minister, sir I have fixed your boat, tell your boat driver to start it as you are running late for the meeting with the queen.

The minister sluggishly asked instructed the captain to go start the boat. To his amazement, the boat which refused to start, responded and the prime minister was very happy and instructed his PA to give the old repairer $10,000 for a job well done. The man rejects the money and said, that his price is $100,000, the prime minister shouted why? what did you do to the boat, is it not just hammer you hit on the engine and you expect me to pay you such amount of money.

Yes, that the money for hiring him is just $10,000, but for knowing where to hit the boat which all the professionals you called did not know is $90,000.

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